An open letter to Labour Party members, supporters & affiliates

As the party’s leadership contest gathers momentum, a very worrying perceived wisdom is being broadcast far and wide.

On TV, in the newspapers, in social media, from the mouths of political grandees and the odd war criminal or two, I ‘m constantly hearing that a return to the left means another decade out of government for Labour.

Whether this is right or wrong, it seems to wilfully to ignore the fact that  a considerable period in opposition is already on the cards for the party as things stand.

It’s undeniably true that the party’s 1997 election victory was a result of beating The Tories at there own game.

What’s also undeniable is that the 1997 Tories were no longer very good at their own game. They lacked leadership, were guided by the hands of dinosaurs like Hesseltine and had comprehensively failed to embrace the spin and manipulation of mass media that Tony’s cronies used so effectively.

The current Tory government are a very different proposition. The ageing generation that let New Labour steal their patch has been replaced by a new breed of young, ambitious and ruthlessly media savvy campaigners.

They have learnt from Blair and are controlling the narrative of politics through their cosy relationship with media.

In short this Conservative Party are very good at being a Conservative Party.

You’re not going to beat them at being The Conservative Party so why not have a pop at being The Labour Party?

At being a party true to the convictions you were founded on.

At being a party that strives for economic and social equality.

Almost three quarters of the electorate did not vote for Cameron. Rather trying to covet and convert those who did, why not reach out to those who didn’t buy the lies?

Why not reach out to those who didn’t vote at all?

Why not offer a compassionate alternative to the brutal and authoritarian programme of austerity, privatisation and suppression of civil liberties?

Stop being an imitation.

Start being an opposition.


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