The Tale Of The Trojan Racist

Like many actual human beings I have longed for the day that the EDL’s collection of football hooligans, racists and educationally subnormal nationalists disappeared back to the hole they crawled out of. Given my vocal stance on this appalling coalition of the fearful, the frightening and the fascist, the next sentence may come as a surprise.

Don’t for one second celebrate today’s announce Tommy Robinson quitting the EDL.

Speaking as someone who has spent way too much time using social networks to mock this malevolent and manipulative monster I can say with 100% certainty this is not a victory for The Twitterati.

Tommy Robinson and his politics of hate are here to stay.

His statement on Twitter this morning read “The most difficult day of my life! I thank EDL supporters for their messages of support. For me this is a step forwards not backwards.”

He is unrepentant, unapologetic and undeterred.

His ideologies are unchanged & his new found commitment to “better, more democratic ideas” practically screams the phrase Coming To A Ballot Box Near You.

So will the resignation of Robinson and his stooge in chief Kevin Carroll cause The EDL to fall?


Robinson needs it to not only continue but to to grow and become more aggressive. He requires this band of thugs to be more extreme in order to legitimise his move towards the mainstream.

Tommy Robinson may be putting down the sword but be assured he will be picking up the pen, or more likely the crayon.

Rather than a single point of attack these dangerous lunatics, who are every bit as fundamentalist as the radical Islamists they oppose, will have two.

It’s a classic Good Twat Bad Twat routine.

Please don’t fall for it.


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